Gear Cutting Tools

Matrix (since Luren) was established in 1994. In these years, it developed the designing software, machine tools, gear cutters, such as, hobs, carbide hobs and shaving cutters, master gears and maintenance for the cutters.

Matrix (since Luren) has integrated a producing system to provide the high quality products because offer a 100% perfection products is our goal. We are not only strict control the production line, but also every product is inspected tightly. We keep to improve the producing system to face more challenges and various requests from the customers. For instance, Matrix (since Luren) has developed many kinds of grinding and resharpening machines to enhance the producing efficiency.

We always offer the best quality of gear cutters; widespread range of products, and fastest delivery date to satisfied the customer's needs.

  • Module 0.5-10 (DP 50.8– 2.54 ), single/multi starts, Straight/ helix angle for any kind of hobs, and suitable for dry and wet cutting.

  • Module 0.5-2.5 (DP 50.8 – 10.16), Lasting tool life, 3 times more than regular material.
    Shorten gear processing time efficiently.

  • Module 1-8, Types are conventional, diagonal, plunge and underpass.

  • Types are disc, bell and shank. We offer customize profile, such as protuberance and semi-topping.

  • We offer master gears for mesh test, gear measuring and inspection or any other customer requirements.

  • We are devoted to produce precise gear cutters, which includes designing, producing and measuring.