HOBS (dry/wet cutting)

Module 0.5-10 (DP 50.8– 2.54 ), single/multi starts, Straight/ helix angle for any kind of hobs, and suitable for dry and wet cutting.

  • Hobs: Bore/ shank type
  • OD: 25-160mm (0.984 – 6.299 inch), Length: less than 220mm (8.66 inch)
  • Benefit of Dry cutting: Green environment Suitable for high speed cutting
  • Types: Gear, worm gear, rack, special form.
  • Precision: A, AA (DIN3968)
  • Patterns: Finishing, Roughing, Pre-shaving, Pre-grinding
  • Material: High Speed steel (HSS)- Conventional or powder metallurgy
  • Coating: TiN, TiCN, TiAlN, Alcrona