The GVP-8040 Vertical Gear Profile Grinding Machine applies the FANUC controller and high-speed grinding spindle;through the Matrix Precision-developed intelligent conversations window software, it can flexibly output the required tooth profile and grinding parameters. The workable machining workpieces include the involute gears, large-module hobs and cycloidal gears.

GVP-8040 applies the globally famous FANUC controller. It combines the direct drive motor and 8-axis close-loop servo system; each axis can simultaneously run to obtain a high-precision performance.

GVP-8040 is built in vertical construction, which enables mitigating the bending/deforming effect of large workpieces from gravity and building a more stable gear grinding process.

Max. workpiece outside diameter800mm31.4”
Tooth range9~999
Min. workpiece root diameter50mm1.9”
ModuleM2.0~M20DP12.7~DP 1.27
Max. tooth depth45mm1.7”
Helix angle range±45°
Hob cutter
Min. root diameter/Max. workpiece outside diameter50mm~350mm1.9”~13.7”
Max. flute depth55mm2.1”
Flute range1~99
Flute helix angel range±40°
Max. grinding slide travel (Y axis)400(450)mm15.7”(17.7”)
Max. workpiece slide travel (Z axis)500mm19.6”
Tailstock center height above rotary table600mm~1250mm23.6”~49.2”
Table diameter740mm29.1”
Max. table load (workpiece with fixture)2500 kg5500 lb
Min. dressable diameter of the grinding wheel Max. grinding wheel diameter260mm / 400mm10.2” /15.7”
Max. grinding wheel thickness70mm2.7”
Max. grinding spindle speed4000 rpm
Drive power of grinding spindle15kW20Hp
N-axisGrinding spindle
X-axisWheel axial slide
Y-axisWheel vertical slide
Z-axisWorkpiece radial slide
A-axisMeasuring arm swing
B-axisWorkpiece Indexing
C-axisWheel swiveling
S-axisGrinding spindle
U-axisRotary wheel spindle
Use Case
Use Case
Use Case
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