CNC Gear Machines

Matrix Precision Co., Ltd. has been dedicating to the R&D of gear machining since 1994. We have extended the cut-tools technologies of Mechanical and Research Laboratories, ITRI, and integrated the research resource from the best universities, built the production lines of hobs and shaving cutters, and successfully and stably sold our products to European, American and Asian markets. In grinding machines, Matrix produces the gear form grinding machines, worm thread grinding machines and cutting tools sharpening machines; and earns outstanding reputations in the fields. Large-module- gears are widely applied in vehicles, trucks, ships and agricultural tools.

The Matrix Precision-developed intelligent conversations window software supports the complete machining process. Machine can generate NC program automatically through the parametersinput and setting of grinding conditions via the conversation, and thus elevates the working efficiency significantly.

  • CNC Gear Profile and CNC Vertical type gear form and CNC Gear Profile Grinding machnie.

    Gear data Follow workpiece drawing to input the gear parameters and automatically calculate the matched gear profile. Freely zoom-in/out the graphics to check/confirm gear-profile details. Profile modification The drag-control-point curve facilitates operator to modify gear profile and lead crowning according to customer's requirement. Dressing setting Compensate the wheel thickness and pressure angle flexibility according to measuring report.

  • It applies linear motors and direct-drive motors, developing out the sixaxis-control and four-axis-move high-precision grinder. ZHS-3040 can sharpen the blade edges of straight & helical hobs and the helical shaper cutters. The Matrix Precision-developed intelligent conversations window software is easy for operation. It can meet the brilliant high-precision and high-efficiency performance and is your best choice.

  • The worm thread grinding machine applies FANUC controller and high-speed grinding spindle; it will design the tooth profile and grinding parameters flexibly through the intelligent conversations window software. The machine-able workpieces include the standard worms (ZK, ZI, ZN & ZA), dual-lead worms, ZC (Niemann) worms, thread plug gauges and rolling dies. The high-efficiency and high-precision machining performance meet the worldwide top brand products in this field.

  • Recently multi-axis synchronized movement technology has become more matured. Matrix has developed a six-axis fivesynchronized movement machine to manufacture bevel gears. This system utilized Gear Theory, Computational Geometry and Optimum Design Method, built a knowledge base for production intelligence, and developed a graphic interface based manufacturing system that allowed operators to easily complete the production of bevel gears.