The GHP-3540 Gear Profile Grinding Machine applies the FANUC controller and high-speed grinding spindle;through the Matrix Precision-developed intelligent conversations window software, it can flexibly output the required tooth profile and grinding parameters. The workable machining workpieces include the involute gears and cycloidal gears.

GHP-3540 applies the globally famous FANUC controller and servo & direct drive motors; each axis can move simultaneously and receive a high-precision performance.

The Matrix Precision-developed intelligent conversations window software supports the complete machining process. Machine can generate NC program automatically through the parameters-input and setting of grinding conditions via the conversation, and thus increases the working efficiency significantly.

Grinding wheel spindle motor170G220G
Min. / Max. workpiece outside diameter30mm / 400mm30mm / 400mm
Max. moduleM8 (DP3.2)M8(DP3.2) (diamond point dresser) M12(DP2.1) (diamond rotary disc dresser)
Teeth range9~9999~999
Max. tooth depth18mm27mm
Helix angle±45°±45°
Min. distance between centers (standard)14mm80mm
Max. distance between centers (standard)685mm750mm
Max. distance between centers (through-bore in workhead)v1200mm1200mm
Max. face width(B-Axis 0º ) 400mm(B-Axis 0º ) 400mm
Max. axial slide travel (Z-Axis)(B-Axis 0º ) 650mm(B-Axis 0º ) 650mm
Max. axial slide travel (Z-Axis)(B-Axis 45º ) 210mm(B-Axis 45º) 235mm
A-axis can accommodate a maximum outside diameter of the workpiece110mm110mm
Max. table load (workpiece with fixture)80kg80kg
Min. wheel root diameter/Max. wheel outside diameter50mm / 230mm210mm / 320mm
Max. grinding wheel thickness30mm40mm
Max.rpm of grinding spindle10000 rpm4000 rpm
Drive power of grinding spindle20 kW17kW
N-axisGrinding spindle
X-axisWheel axial slide
Y-axisWheel radial slide
Z-axisWorkpiece axial slide
A-axisWorkpiece Indexing
B-axisWheel Swiveling
N-axisGrinding spindle
Use Case
Use Case
Use Case
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