The THW-2080/3080 worm thread grinding machine applies FANUC controller and high-speed grinding spindle; it will design the tooth profile and grinding parameters flexibly through the intelligent conversations window software.
The machine-able workpieces include the standard worms (ZK, ZI, ZN & ZA),dual-lead worms, ZC (Niemann) worms, thread plug gauges and rolling dies.

THW-2080/3080 products apply world-famous FANUC controllers and serve & direct-driving motors;high precision performance is outputted from each axis.

The Matrix-developed intelligent conversions window software supports the entire machining process. Machine can generate NC program automatically through the parameters-input and setting of grinding conditions via the conversation, and thus increases the working efficiency significantly.

Min./Max. workpiece outside diameter5mm / 200mm5mm / 300mm
Max. moduleM8 (DP3.2)M12 (DP2.1)
Thread range1 ~ 991 ~ 99
Lead angle range±35°±45°
Pressure angle range5° ~ 30°5° ~ 30°
Min. distance between centers80mm80mm
Max. distance between centers800mm800mm (31.4”) (Standard) 1200mm (Through-bore) (47.2”)
Work spindle through bore110mm
Max. axial slide travel (Z axis)650mm650mm
Min./Max. Distance between work spindle and grinding spindle150mm / 400mm150mm / 400mm
Max. table load (workpiece with fixture)60kg(132lb)80kg(176lb)
Min grinding wheel root diameter/Max grinding wheel diameter260mm / 400mm260mm / 400mm
Max. grinding wheel thickness40mm40mm
Max. rpm of grinding spindle4000 rpm4000 rpm
Drive power of grinding spindle17kW(22Hp)17kW(22Hp)
N-axisGrinding spindle
Y-axisWheel radial slide
Z-axisWorkpiece axial slide
A-axisWorkpiece Indexing
B-axisWheel Swiveling
N-axisGrinding spindle
Use Case
Use Case
Use Case
Use Case