ZHS-3040 can sharpen the blade edges of straight & helical hobs, and also the helical shaper cutter (Opt) and power skiving cutter (Opt). The Matrix Precision-developed intelligent conversations window software is easy for operation.

The hob sharpening machine applies the globally famous FANUC controller,linear motors and direct-drive motors;each axis can run simultaneously to get a high-precision performance.

The Matrix Precision-developed intelligent conversations window software supports complete machining procedure. Operator can follow the software instructions to input parameters. After setting up the grinding parameters, system will automatically generate the respective NC program and perform cutting tools sharpening task, which greatly increases the working efficiency.

Min./Max. workpiece outside diameter20mm / 250mm0.8” / 9.8”
Max. length300mm11.8”
Max. grinding depth35mm1.3”
Flute range1 ~ 991 ~ 99
Lead angle range±20° ( ≤ ±40°optional)±20° ( ≤ ±40°optional)
Gash lead range1500 ~ ∞ mm(300 ~ ∞ mm optional )59.0” ~ ∞ ”(11.8” ~ ∞ ”optional )
Min. / Max. distance between centers80mm / 550mm3.1” / 21.6”
Max. axial slide travel (Z axis)650mm25.5”
Max. table load (Workpiece with carrier)50kg110lb
Min. abrasive grinding wheel root diameter/Max. grinding wheel diameter30mm / 125mm1.1” / 4.9”
Max. grinding wheel thickness25mm0.9”
Max. rpm of grinding spindle10000 rpm10000 rpm
Drive power of grinding spindle15kW20Hp
N-axisGrinding spindle
X-axisWheel axial slide
Y-axisWheel radial slide
Z-axisWorkpiece axial slide
A-axisWorkpiece indexing
B-axisWheel swiveling
N-axisGrinding spindle
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