GBG-3210 also uses HSK specifically designed tool holder and direct drive 4/5 axes. It is equipped with high speed spindle, magnetic filter, paper filter system, uses electroforming CBN grinding wheel to provide correction for the deformation after heat treatment to improve gear accuracy and reduce noise. The use of HSK tool holder allows automatic replacement of grinding wheels in different fine and coarse levels, and provides both manufacture efficiency and desired fineness.

The Matrix self-developed intelligent interaction window software can support complete production process, and therefore, without the need of programing training, the user can input parameters and set up production conditions through dialogue procedures to automatically generate NC program, significantly improving work efficiency.

Max. workpiece outside diameter100mm100mm
Max. moduleM3M3
Tool/grinding wheel spindle revolutions4000rpm12000rpm
Max. slide travel for X-axis400mm400mm
Max. slide travel for Y-axis350mm350mm
Max. slide travel for Z-axis350mm350mm
B- axis tilt range-100°~100°-100°~100°
Smallest tool/wheel diameter0.5”0.5”
Largest tool/wheel diameter4”4”
Max. load of rotary table (workpiece with fixture)50kg50kg
N-axisGrinding spindle
X-axisTool horizontal movement axis
Y-axisTool horizontal movement axis
Z-axisTool vertical movement axis
B-axisWorkpiece tilt axis
C-axisWorkpiece rotation axis
Use Case
Use Case
Use Case
Use Case