GVC-3020 CNC Continuous Generating Gear Grinding Machine is equipped with the most advanced SIEMENS CNC controller available and the high-precision electronic gear box module supplied by Siemens. Also integrated in the machine are an 10-axis close-loop servo control system and a direct drive motor such that all axes move simultaneously and very accurately.

GVC-3020 is equipped with high-speed spindles. The speed of grinding wheel spindle can reach up to 80M/sec. Together they work in concert to increase gear production efficiency and accuracy. Meanwhile, the built-in automatic dynamic balancing system acts to reduce deviation caused by dressing or grinding.

Max. workpiece outside diameter300 mm11.8”
Min. workpiece root diameter10 mm0.3”
Max. moduleM 5DP 5
Helix angle±45°
Max. slide travel for Z-axis200 mm7.8”
Drive power of workpiece spindle20 kW26 Hp
Max. table load (workpiece with fixture)50 kg110 lb
Min. /Max. Grinding wheel outside diameter220 mm / 275 mm8.6” / 10.8”
Max. grinding wheel thickness160 mm6.3”
Max. speed of grinding wheel80M/sec
Drive power of grinding wheel25 kW33 Hp
Max. grinding wheel teeth number9
N-axisGrinding spindle
A-axisSwivel Angle
B-axisGrinding Spindle
C-axisWorkpiece Spindle
X-axisGrinding Radial Slide
Y-axisWorkpiece Horizontal Side
Z-axisWorkpiece Axial Slide
A1-axisRotary Dresser Lead Angle Rotation
B1-axisRotary Dresser Spindle
X1-axisDressing Radial Slide
Y1-axisDressing Axial Slide
Z1-axisTailstock Axial Slide
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Use Case
Use Case
Use Case